HIFU equipment changes not only the appearance, but also our whole life.

As the founder of two successful companies – Denny Divine Aesthetic Center and HIFU by Denny Divine and master of Phisioenergotherapy, Denitsa Voynova has the justified confidence of someone who has changed the lives of thousands of people. With three educations, specialization in English – Greek college specializing in marketing and management, medical beautician (seventh qualification degree), clinical logoped and with over 20 completed trainings in the field of aesthetics, she has been boldly creating history in the field of aesthetics and cosmetology business For over 15 years now she bravely makes history in the field of beauty care and cosmetic industry by offering expert experience, top technology and wisdom to achieve the best results with her clients.

The qualities of this business lady, educator for HIFU technologies and Physienergetotherapy master are highly valued both in the industry and the academia. In 2017 she gave a lecture on differential diagnostics at a conference organised by the Southwest University Neofit Rilski. In 2020, Denitsa Voynova made the next confident step towards success and helping the others – she became distributor of HIFU technology for Europe and the UAE. A year later, she created protocols for work with HIFU technology that are being used all over the world. In 2022, she successfully completed the “Mentoring Program for Women Entrepreneurs” at the Business Lady Club.


Croatia: +385 91 544 54 58

Bulgaria: +359 88 899 8556

Denny Divine Aesthetic Center

Boul. St. Naum 70A
1421 Sofia, Bulgaria