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I have been working as a beautician for 30 years. During all these
years I have not stopped upgrading.
I have been working with HIFU by Denny Divine for 4 years. I was
educated by the best HIFU professional in Bulgaria – Denitsa Voinova
and HIFU by Denny Divine. I currently work with 5D and 7D HIFU.

Neli Baeva
city of Burgas
92 Democracy Blvd
Beauty Studio "Beauty Gallery Burgas"
Phone: 0884313003
Nina Gizdova Rilski Skior 14 2. floor, room 6 Samokov Bugarska phone: 0899238887

The results after HIFU 4D are amazing. They are noticed even after the
first procedure. I bought the device from Denitsa Voinova and she gave
me a great training. Denny is honest and a great professional at her
job and I am in the process of buying more equipment from her.

I am currently working with the best devices in Bulgaria purchased
from HIFU by Denny Divine. My mentor is Denitsa Voinova, the best
training I have ever received!

Zhenya Zhelyazkova Studio EstetiCo City. Haskovo Saedinenie Blvd. 2 Studio Soley City. Harmanli, 6 Nikola Petkov St Bulgaria Contact phone +359 878 498 181
Martina Dimitrijević

“My Denny , you are the best educator I have ever had in my life.
Regardless of language barriers, you are always there and always
explain everything to me, and we know how hardworking and detailed I
can be. I am grateful and happy to have you and to learn from you.”

I am extremely satisfied with results I have been making with my new equipment I bought from Denny. HIFU 5D makes it possible to achieve astonishing results in facelifing and neck areas, but also with burning fat and skin tigtening. My clients are satisfied and have been recommending me to their friends and family, which tells a lot about my work and device quality.

Salon Victoria - Mira Haskovo


Croatia: +385 91 544 54 58

Bulgaria: +359 88 899 8556

Denny Divine Aesthetic Center

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